…And We’re Live!

heart reactionWith social media platforms, like Facebook, there are so many ways for advertisers to deliver their messages. This platform is a huge source for most consumers to get their information from. Especially when it comes to video, marketers are expected to design accordingly. Having a unique message and brand to sell is key when making an ad for Facebook. Consumers won’t spend very much time while they are scrolling through their feed. It is up to the designers to make it stand out, and pop so the consumer will pause and pay attention to what is being advertised.

Facebook Live was supposed to be this popular new feature because of the ability of live streaming videos. Big media organizations were being paid to have live videos being posted on Facebook in return for the hopes of many views. Unfortunately, their goal of wanting consumers to be motivated by making their own live videos didn’t work. What they soon realized after the video outbreak of a mom in a Chewbacca mask, that many viewers watched after it was live. Because of the sharing of this video, even if it wasn’t live, was passed around and being viewed by many. Even though it wasn’t right there in the moment, it was a consumer making a video in a personal form.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.15.55 PM

From the live video streaming that Facebook offers, there can be serious consequences to the platform directly. Since this is something happening in the moment, if there is explicit content, there is no way to go about stopping what has already been posted or shown. Although there are some negative factors to Facebook’s advertising options, it’s a great way to get high consumer views.


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