The Pearl of Social Media

wow reactionFacebook is an advertiser’s oyster; the opportunities are abundant, rewarding, and are not being overlooked by marketers. Facebook ads have much to offer. Whether these marketers are small business owners seeking to increase their local awareness or a major corporation launching a national campaign, Facebook has an outlet for them. Some benefits of Facebook ads are that they are easy to build, marketers can control their own budget, and there are countless ways for online users to interact with them.

A major proponent in advertising through Facebook is that marketers can target their pre-existing customers. By simply uploading a file of customers’ names and information, Facebook has the ability to find these users’ pages and can place the marketer’s ads on their feed. This gives an opportunity for niche consumer groups and consumers living in certain areas to be found, and in return, have their attention brought to ads that are most relevant to them. Facebook also uses data collected from their consumers. Marketers can access data that lets them know what their consumers are shopping online for, and then place an ad on the consumer’s feed for that item. Marketers have the ability to seemingly, “read minds” through this data collection.

Consumers are becoming increasingly mobile. Location technology is a major key to marketers reaching their consumers and gathering details about their lives. Marketers have access to consumers’ addresses and locations that they frequent the most. That information gives much leverage and can allow marketers to implement more specific ads to their directed consumers. With 1 billion Facebook users able to be targeted, the opportunities are simply growing for marketers when they utilize Facebook ads.


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