Ads On-the-Go

happy reaction“Going mobile” is a concept that people have been hearing for the past few years. Today, 95% of American citizens have mobile phones and 77% own a smartphone. Why are these percentages so important? Well, companies both big and small have begun to realize the mobile smartphone’s potential. Being technologically mobile allows social media users to always be online, and consequently always looking at advertisements. Advertising via social networking platforms has skyrocketed within the last few years, and no social media site has been more successful in this field than Facebook. Here’s why… 

Between the years of 2015 and 2016, Facebook’s revenue from advertising grew a monumental 57%. For the entire year of 2016, Facebook totaled $26.9 billion in advertising revenue. Although expected to slow in 2017 from stagnant ad loads, the different mediums that Facebook offers to not only companies, but also regular users for advertising are so diverse and unique that this platform really sets itself apart. These days, video is the salvation for advertising on Facebook. With users always being mobile, video makes it much easier for companies to get their advertisements seen.

Mediums that companies use on Facebook to advertise like the right-hand rail ads and the multi-product carousel ads work, and they work well, but why stop there? Facebook’s companion app, Messenger, is now being tested as a way for companies to advertise their products and ideas. This application is directed towards mobile devices to make messaging easier on the go, so it is a perfect medium for advertising. Companies have reached out to say that they are excited about this new form of Facebook advertising because they can more easily reach their market, and help their audience grow. This will allow users to easily view advertisements that pertain to their interests, and show users which companies are also logged onto Facebook.

In today’s fast-paced world, Facebook is looking for ways to deliver advertisements in a quick and easy manner for its users’ benefit. Facebook has most certainly created an empire off of advertising, and will continue to do so through new ideas, tests, and trials.


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