Watch Your Step

heart reactionFacebook’s location tool has more power than you think. Since this tool is able to follow the consumers every move, advertisers got on board. Basically, advertisers have been studying what the consumers are looking at. If they put out an ad on Facebook, they are able to go back and see who exactly viewed it. Advertisers can measure success by seeing what types of viewers they have, and especially where they are. Knowing the consumer’s location is important because they can plan their ads accordingly. 

Facebook has given marketers the privilege of the location tool to access and utilize. The location tool has been put to use in a way that reaches out to consumers. By tracking location through Facebook, advertisers can have their ads pop up on consumer’s feeds if they are in close distance to their actual store. By simply walking past a store, advertisers can access a consumer’s location and shoot them an ad for that exact store. To measure how successful this is, marketers can go back and see how many people viewed the ad, and then proceeded to go into the actual store to make a purchase. They are using this tool to reach the everyday mobile consumer with a persuasive ad to go in their stores.

Many consumers might not realize that their iPhone’s GPS is accessed through Facebook to pinpoint their location. The more places people go, the more information will be sent from the maps to Facebook. Advertisers benefit from this, because whether they are on Facebook or not, they are still able to track where people are through the app.


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