The “Sidekick” App

happy reactionBeing one of the largest social media platforms in the world, Facebook strives to see that everyone enjoys their time on the website. This includes companies who want to market their goods and services. Facebook provides numerous mechanisms for advertising like the sponsored page and carousel ads, which scroll horizontally across the page, that give them space to display their products. But with today’s fast-paced society, these media are a little outdated. 

Messenger could possibly be the solution to revamp Facebook’s advertising game. It is a mobile app, so it is most useful on smartphones, and is a unique new way for advertising. Right now, the app operates as a pull marketer. This means that prospective customers message the business they are interested in buying from, and ask questions or leave comments. Soon enough, it will evolve into a push marketer. This would allow businesses to send notifications, like coupons and new product shipment messages to loyal consumers. One thing that many users dislike is being too bombarded with ads that invade on their personal space, so what about privacy in all of this planning? Advertising on Messenger does not mean that ads will show up in users’ conversations. The last thing Facebook wants to do is encroach on privacy, so they are trying their best to keep it as simple as possible.

Currently, there are test groups in Thailand and Australia who will be studied to see if this advertising approach is a go or not. What are the benefits of this new form of advertising? For starters, it is an interactive form of advertising. Allowing consumers to direct message companies and ask questions about products lets a relationship form, which is fantastic for both businesses and customers. Also, this is an opportunity for companies to expand their way of advertising in a fresh, contemporary manner. Considering that 80% of Facebook’s total advertising revenue in 2015 was from mobile advertising proves that allowing companies to market on Messenger is the best possible move on Facebook’s part.


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