Small Business, Big Opportunity

heart reactionFor up and coming small businesses, it can be difficult to get their name out to the world. With the use of Facebook, there are huge opportunities for small businesses to become bigger and better, such as making their own Facebook page. In order for that page to become successful, they would have to post useful information to their target market daily. It is key for small businesses to create a content calendar so they can stay on top of their postings and making sure they are found valuable by the viewers. Facebook is a great marketing option for small businesses to make connections.

For small businesses, it is always important to be on the lookout for unique ways to get your brand recognized. Facebook partnered with American Express to host a contest for small businesses to compete in. This contest provides a great opening for companies to connect with consumers through Facebook, and come up with strategies to potentially help their business succeed. Another reason this form of advertising is beneficial is that you are able to see what other small business are doing to stand out and build off each other with ideas. Facebook and American Express gave incentive to the winners by giving a cash prize to put towards marketing on social media. Small business owners are given the chance to build relationships with consumers with the social media platform, Facebook.

There are so many small business owners that want their company to stand out amongst the rest. To be on the right path they should make sure their website is online, such as a Facebook page, be easy-to-access mobile. People nowadays do the majority of things, like research on their phone, in a timely manner. These companies want to make sure everything is easily accessible so their viewers will not leave their page confused and dissatisfied. Another way brands become successful is by looking at who viewed the ads, and where they were viewed. Establishing a sense of community with your business will uphold lasting relationships and potentially loyal customers.


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