Mend & Measure

heart reactionFacebook has room for many improvements in their platform. Typically, Facebook struggles with measuring their data in terms of who is viewing ads of different brands. For an advancement, they came up with beacons and Bluetooth & Place Tips. These two improvements are being implemented in hopes for locating consumers, and also giving them more information depending on where they are. They will be able to see who views an ad and the steps the consumer takes up until the purchase. This will improve marketer’s measurement all around and help them decide what works and what doesn’t. Facebook believes this will greatly expand, and has made these beacons free for most businesses to participate in.

Another improvement that people might not realize is how visually appealing an ad is. Videos and pictures should stand out amongst the rest. To do this, brands should work on emotionally engaging with the consumer through their advertisement. Having some sort of emotional attachment will hook them. Consumers will have their attention if what they see captures their interest. Brands can complete a sale or draw more clicks to their ads if it is more visually pleasing to the eye. An improvement would be to reduce the amount of text and really focus on visual storytelling.

Procter & Gamble, one of the biggest advertisers, had criticized Facebook’s inaccurate results of ad viewership. These criticisms were heard loud and clear from Facebook and they began to brainstorm improvements. To improve, they needed accurate tools for measuring ads. They took action by giving marketers new data for the display ads. A great improvement is providing options to marketers and their brands, such as various options for new video ad buying. Marketers will buy ad space if they are confident that they have the tools to measure the performance on those ads.


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