He Said, She Said

wow reactionFacebook is all about connectivity. Users, the consumers, see their Facebook friends as influencers for certain products and ideas. If a Facebook user posts a photo of their new Apple Watch, their Facebook friends will see that post and become compelled to purchase one of their one. In order for advertisers to improve sales and marketing, it is necessary to target those who have the most power to influence others online. This idea of connectivity and influencing is the basis for Facebook and it needs to be focused on by advertisers.

In order for advertisers to start reaching more consumers, they need those consumers to actually be interested in and hooked by their ads. Simply pushing out a mundane one-dimensional ad online is not going to cut it anymore. Advertisers need to target Facebook users, who are influencers, that have the capability to create their own content about a product, then share that content with their friends. This content can range from a written post, video, photo, or other creative work.  This will create buzz for the product, which is needed for any online advertisement to succeed.

In 2016, 69% of brands surveyed answered that their use of influencer advertising was effective. Advertisers are using influencers to create awareness of their brand and to target those who are most relevant to their brand. Influencers have a fan-base who are followers because they can relate to them. This is a strong advantage for advertisers because they can advertise products that are important to their influencer’s followers. Those followers will take the influencer’s advice because they look up to them and trust them.

In order for advertisers to improve their Facebook presence and overall brand awareness, it is necessary to target influencers  who can help effectively advertise the brand. This improvement can help skyrocket sales, awareness, and loyalty for a brand and is a part of the future of advertising online.


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