Battle Against Bogus News

happy reactionFake news is a subject that today’s citizens are much too familiar with. Fake news has spread all over the internet, especially on Facebook. Within just six hours, there were 10,000 shares of a fake news article about Denzel Washington backing Donald Trump on Facebook. The era of fake news is not something that just popped up in the world. A form of fake news, Yellow Journalism, dates back to the Spanish-American War, and is a major reason why it began. Nonetheless, today, with the mass amount of information available to anyone in the world at any time, it is difficult to tell what news is real, and what is fake.

Advertising runs into some issues with the wave of fake news on Facebook. Professional brands want to advertise in respectable areas on social media, not places where fake news is abundant. Facebook creates a lot of revenue from advertising, so the fact that advertisers may stray away from Facebook as an advertising medium is risky. Resolving this issue is a must for Facebook. One way that Facebook is fighting back against fake news is by removing links that bring users to spam websites that are filled with advertisements and bogus information. Listening, a process used by social media marketing researchers, helps better understand the culture of the target audience. By using this key marketing strategy, Facebook is connecting with truthful journalists to get insight into how they fact check their resources. Most importantly, they are working on creating a more powerful detection of fake news which will generate a trustful relationship between Facebook and users.

Among other methods to remove misinformation, these acts by Facebook will most certainly create a more positive atmosphere on the leading social media platform. With a more sensible environment, brands will be more comfortable advertising on Facebook.


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