High Key Connections

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Connectivity is key. Facebook makes the lives of consumers much more convenient when they connect with them and make content accessible. For instance, purchasing goods is quick and easy for the consumers who use mobile. Many people search the web and shop for things all the time, so being able to purchase something they want in a timely fashion is something Facebook is trying to offer. Facebook allowed the usage of PayPal to make transactions easier. These transactions allow consumers who already have their information plugged into PayPal make a quick and painless purchase.

Facebook has provided the opportunity for brands to successfully advertise and promote their products. A worldwide known brand, Adidas, has achieved in advertising their products by using this platform. By connecting with consumers they put together an easy, accessible campaign that allows its viewers to shop for their products at the click of a button. They showed an action-oriented video including their hoodie they wanted to sell in the video. Below this video, they were able to put four pictures of other products from adidas. By doing this, viewers could click on a picture of the product they liked, and it immediately took them to a page where they could finalize the purchase. Adidas had great success in online purchases for their brand through the use of Facebook advertising.


Another success story from the Adidas brand relates to connections in places that do not have as great of a connection to the internet. Adidas used video like slideshows to show different types of training for people who do not have coaches, and called it “Pocket Coach.” The brand’s goal was to reach out to aspiring athletes who do not necessarily have the connection through Facebook as easily as most people do. Using the slideshow campaign made it easier for the connection to speed up, and resulted in over a million views. Not everyone has the same resources, but Facebook made this campaign possible for brands to reach out to all kinds of consumers across the globe.


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