Facebook DIY

Like ReactionIt has ultimately been determined that Facebook is an excellent way for companies to communicate with their audience. Facebook hosts a wide range of users—people of all different ages, genders, and races. Facebook’s Connectivity Lab has been working to improve internet connectivity for people in remote locations, increasing Facebook’s audience even more.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 10.24.00 PM

The Facebook team is trying to find places with high populations where people live close enough to offer Wi-Fi hotspots. Mobile devices are the only way to connect online for the majority of the developing world, and the cost of providing mobile services is two to three times more expensive in rural areas than in cities. To appeal to areas where the mobile services are more prominent, Facebook has launched text and banner ads that work well on low-tech phones in developing countries. Connectivity is very important for reaching audiences from all over the world on one site, rather than spending the extra money to find and distribute the marketing messages to those across seas. Not only does connectivity have to do with people from all over using the internet, but it is also the idea that we are constantly connected to the internet and all the technology around us. Companies can build connectivity on Facebook, making it as easy as possible for the consumer to make a purchase.

The increase in connectivity has also lead to an increase in user-generated content, which normally receives the most engagement online. Audiences on social media relate and appeal well to content posted by users they know. This content created by the audience has helped create a lot of brand conversations on Facebook. Research shows that social media audiences consume more than five hours of user-generated content per day. Campaigns with this content have twenty-percent more influence on their purchase decisions in comparison to any other type of promotion. In Facebook’s 2016 updated news feed algorithm, emphasis was placed on content from friends and family, meaning the successful user-generated content was placed right on top. Therefore, marketers on Facebook should encourage their customer to create user-generated content about their brand, rather than the company producing content. If successful, this method could save the company a ton of money. Facebook is an excellent platform for creating conversation amongst an audience, and can help encourage the production of user-generated promoting a company.


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