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wow reactionConnectivity is the glue of advertising; it joins consumers and advertisers together and creates a strong bond. In order to be truly successful in utilizing Facebook ads, you need to connect. It is important to appeal to consumers in order to create loyalty for your brand. The idea of connectivity is shown in two distinct types: connection of consumers with a brand and connection of consumers with consumers. Both of these have great impacts on the customer when it comes to brand loyalty and sales. Connectivity is something to keep in mind with every advertising move you make.

Connecting with your consumers is the most important aspect of advertising, and is even more important in today’s technological world. In order to properly reach your audience, you must truly know them. You must be able to reach your consumer wherever they are and however they are accessible and in ways that will resonate with them. No more pushing out one ad for everyone. It is necessary to make many different ads that appeal to and are relevant to your specific target audience. It is possible to stay connected by reaching out to consumers and listening to what they want and need out of your brand; you must not assume. Once a consumer is hooked, the relationship needs to be strengthened and maintained. This can be done by staying connected on a Facebook Page and having consumers create their own content regarding the brand.

It is also important to utilize Facebook in a way that allows your consumers to connect with each other. Facebook is a network with endless ties between people, and connections are constantly being made. Consumers who share good or bad reviews about your company are influencing their Facebook friends to feel the same way. That is why it is vital to advertise and connect with consumers who are influencers. Influencers have the power to persuade more consumers to buy a product or to trust a brand. That is the beauty of connectivity: a message to one can turn into a message to many.


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