High Key Connections

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Connectivity is key. Facebook makes the lives of consumers much more convenient when they connect with them and make content accessible. For instance, purchasing goods is quick and easy for the consumers who use mobile. Many people search the web and shop for things all the time, so being able to purchase something they want in a timely fashion is something Facebook is trying to offer. Facebook allowed the usage of PayPal to make transactions easier. These transactions allow consumers who already have their information plugged into PayPal make a quick and painless purchase.

Facebook has provided the opportunity for brands to successfully advertise and promote their products. A worldwide known brand, Adidas, has achieved in advertising their products by using this platform. By connecting with consumers they put together an easy, accessible campaign that allows its viewers to shop for their products at the click of a button. They showed an action-oriented video including their hoodie they wanted to sell in the video. Below this video, they were able to put four pictures of other products from adidas. By doing this, viewers could click on a picture of the product they liked, and it immediately took them to a page where they could finalize the purchase. Adidas had great success in online purchases for their brand through the use of Facebook advertising.


Another success story from the Adidas brand relates to connections in places that do not have as great of a connection to the internet. Adidas used video like slideshows to show different types of training for people who do not have coaches, and called it “Pocket Coach.” The brand’s goal was to reach out to aspiring athletes who do not necessarily have the connection through Facebook as easily as most people do. Using the slideshow campaign made it easier for the connection to speed up, and resulted in over a million views. Not everyone has the same resources, but Facebook made this campaign possible for brands to reach out to all kinds of consumers across the globe.


Mend & Measure

heart reactionFacebook has room for many improvements in their platform. Typically, Facebook struggles with measuring their data in terms of who is viewing ads of different brands. For an advancement, they came up with beacons and Bluetooth & Place Tips. These two improvements are being implemented in hopes for locating consumers, and also giving them more information depending on where they are. They will be able to see who views an ad and the steps the consumer takes up until the purchase. This will improve marketer’s measurement all around and help them decide what works and what doesn’t. Facebook believes this will greatly expand, and has made these beacons free for most businesses to participate in.

Another improvement that people might not realize is how visually appealing an ad is. Videos and pictures should stand out amongst the rest. To do this, brands should work on emotionally engaging with the consumer through their advertisement. Having some sort of emotional attachment will hook them. Consumers will have their attention if what they see captures their interest. Brands can complete a sale or draw more clicks to their ads if it is more visually pleasing to the eye. An improvement would be to reduce the amount of text and really focus on visual storytelling.

Procter & Gamble, one of the biggest advertisers, had criticized Facebook’s inaccurate results of ad viewership. These criticisms were heard loud and clear from Facebook and they began to brainstorm improvements. To improve, they needed accurate tools for measuring ads. They took action by giving marketers new data for the display ads. A great improvement is providing options to marketers and their brands, such as various options for new video ad buying. Marketers will buy ad space if they are confident that they have the tools to measure the performance on those ads.

Small Business, Big Opportunity

heart reactionFor up and coming small businesses, it can be difficult to get their name out to the world. With the use of Facebook, there are huge opportunities for small businesses to become bigger and better, such as making their own Facebook page. In order for that page to become successful, they would have to post useful information to their target market daily. It is key for small businesses to create a content calendar so they can stay on top of their postings and making sure they are found valuable by the viewers. Facebook is a great marketing option for small businesses to make connections.

For small businesses, it is always important to be on the lookout for unique ways to get your brand recognized. Facebook partnered with American Express to host a contest for small businesses to compete in. This contest provides a great opening for companies to connect with consumers through Facebook, and come up with strategies to potentially help their business succeed. Another reason this form of advertising is beneficial is that you are able to see what other small business are doing to stand out and build off each other with ideas. Facebook and American Express gave incentive to the winners by giving a cash prize to put towards marketing on social media. Small business owners are given the chance to build relationships with consumers with the social media platform, Facebook.

There are so many small business owners that want their company to stand out amongst the rest. To be on the right path they should make sure their website is online, such as a Facebook page, be easy-to-access mobile. People nowadays do the majority of things, like research on their phone, in a timely manner. These companies want to make sure everything is easily accessible so their viewers will not leave their page confused and dissatisfied. Another way brands become successful is by looking at who viewed the ads, and where they were viewed. Establishing a sense of community with your business will uphold lasting relationships and potentially loyal customers.

Watch Your Step

heart reactionFacebook’s location tool has more power than you think. Since this tool is able to follow the consumers every move, advertisers got on board. Basically, advertisers have been studying what the consumers are looking at. If they put out an ad on Facebook, they are able to go back and see who exactly viewed it. Advertisers can measure success by seeing what types of viewers they have, and especially where they are. Knowing the consumer’s location is important because they can plan their ads accordingly. 

Facebook has given marketers the privilege of the location tool to access and utilize. The location tool has been put to use in a way that reaches out to consumers. By tracking location through Facebook, advertisers can have their ads pop up on consumer’s feeds if they are in close distance to their actual store. By simply walking past a store, advertisers can access a consumer’s location and shoot them an ad for that exact store. To measure how successful this is, marketers can go back and see how many people viewed the ad, and then proceeded to go into the actual store to make a purchase. They are using this tool to reach the everyday mobile consumer with a persuasive ad to go in their stores.

Many consumers might not realize that their iPhone’s GPS is accessed through Facebook to pinpoint their location. The more places people go, the more information will be sent from the maps to Facebook. Advertisers benefit from this, because whether they are on Facebook or not, they are still able to track where people are through the app.

…And We’re Live!

heart reactionWith social media platforms, like Facebook, there are so many ways for advertisers to deliver their messages. This platform is a huge source for most consumers to get their information from. Especially when it comes to video, marketers are expected to design accordingly. Having a unique message and brand to sell is key when making an ad for Facebook. Consumers won’t spend very much time while they are scrolling through their feed. It is up to the designers to make it stand out, and pop so the consumer will pause and pay attention to what is being advertised.

Facebook Live was supposed to be this popular new feature because of the ability of live streaming videos. Big media organizations were being paid to have live videos being posted on Facebook in return for the hopes of many views. Unfortunately, their goal of wanting consumers to be motivated by making their own live videos didn’t work. What they soon realized after the video outbreak of a mom in a Chewbacca mask, that many viewers watched after it was live. Because of the sharing of this video, even if it wasn’t live, was passed around and being viewed by many. Even though it wasn’t right there in the moment, it was a consumer making a video in a personal form.

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From the live video streaming that Facebook offers, there can be serious consequences to the platform directly. Since this is something happening in the moment, if there is explicit content, there is no way to go about stopping what has already been posted or shown. Although there are some negative factors to Facebook’s advertising options, it’s a great way to get high consumer views.