Facebook Sharing is Caring

happy reactionIn today’s digital world, interacting with friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, is a main part of society. Facebook in particular allows users to easily connect with their long-lost friends, or just close family members. Being connected for most people is a priority, whether it is updating your Facebook status, or messaging a coworker about tomorrow’s meeting. Connectivity also ties in with marketing. When users share branded content on Facebook, they are not only connecting other people with that content, but they are also making a connection between themselves and the brand.

Back in the days when the only method of advertising was buying space in a magazine, or time on the radio, there was not a whole lot of interactivity occurring between the audience and the brand. With the emergence of the Internet and social media, the game of advertising changed. On Facebook, when a user shares an emotional advertisement with his or her friends, the receivers of that ad will feel more compelled to consider whatever product it may be, and take action and purchase it. Social media has allowed the audience to become the advertisers. Users feel more comfortable buying something that was recommended to them through a friend on Facebook.

Take a look at a campaign that Maserati performed on Facebook. Their goal was to engender consumer interest in their new Levante SUV. To achieve this, they created video ads that they posted on Facebook and Instagram. The videos all had a unique selling proposition, such as the driving experience or the exterior features. Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.06.42 PMUsing Facebook advertising tools like Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audiences, Maserati was able to target the right audience for them. As a result of this campaign, Maserati reached more than 4 million on Facebook and Instagram, and produce 21,000 leads. Of those 21,000 leads, 127 Levantes were sold, making Maserati’s campaign a success. What really pushed their campaign to glory was the disseminating of the videos by users on Facebook.

Sharing branded content on Facebook is the best way for companies to become connected with their audience, and for their audience to become connected with each other. Facebook Messenger allows companies to connect with their audience on a much more personal level than sharing. And in this wave of messaging that today’s society is in, it is imperative for brands to take advantage of the opportunities like this one on Facebook. Connectivity on Facebook allows brands to easily and affordably reach their audience, and provide them with the right amount of information for their product. Using Facebook’s many tools for advertising, accomplishing these connections with audiences is easier than ever. Connecting with audiences, and connecting audiences with each other is a golden opportunity for brands to establish a trust with them, and for their business to grow and prosper.


Sticky Situation…

wow reactionConnectivity is the glue of advertising; it joins consumers and advertisers together and creates a strong bond. In order to be truly successful in utilizing Facebook ads, you need to connect. It is important to appeal to consumers in order to create loyalty for your brand. The idea of connectivity is shown in two distinct types: connection of consumers with a brand and connection of consumers with consumers. Both of these have great impacts on the customer when it comes to brand loyalty and sales. Connectivity is something to keep in mind with every advertising move you make.

Connecting with your consumers is the most important aspect of advertising, and is even more important in today’s technological world. In order to properly reach your audience, you must truly know them. You must be able to reach your consumer wherever they are and however they are accessible and in ways that will resonate with them. No more pushing out one ad for everyone. It is necessary to make many different ads that appeal to and are relevant to your specific target audience. It is possible to stay connected by reaching out to consumers and listening to what they want and need out of your brand; you must not assume. Once a consumer is hooked, the relationship needs to be strengthened and maintained. This can be done by staying connected on a Facebook Page and having consumers create their own content regarding the brand.

It is also important to utilize Facebook in a way that allows your consumers to connect with each other. Facebook is a network with endless ties between people, and connections are constantly being made. Consumers who share good or bad reviews about your company are influencing their Facebook friends to feel the same way. That is why it is vital to advertise and connect with consumers who are influencers. Influencers have the power to persuade more consumers to buy a product or to trust a brand. That is the beauty of connectivity: a message to one can turn into a message to many.

Facebook DIY

Like ReactionIt has ultimately been determined that Facebook is an excellent way for companies to communicate with their audience. Facebook hosts a wide range of users—people of all different ages, genders, and races. Facebook’s Connectivity Lab has been working to improve internet connectivity for people in remote locations, increasing Facebook’s audience even more.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 10.24.00 PM

The Facebook team is trying to find places with high populations where people live close enough to offer Wi-Fi hotspots. Mobile devices are the only way to connect online for the majority of the developing world, and the cost of providing mobile services is two to three times more expensive in rural areas than in cities. To appeal to areas where the mobile services are more prominent, Facebook has launched text and banner ads that work well on low-tech phones in developing countries. Connectivity is very important for reaching audiences from all over the world on one site, rather than spending the extra money to find and distribute the marketing messages to those across seas. Not only does connectivity have to do with people from all over using the internet, but it is also the idea that we are constantly connected to the internet and all the technology around us. Companies can build connectivity on Facebook, making it as easy as possible for the consumer to make a purchase.

The increase in connectivity has also lead to an increase in user-generated content, which normally receives the most engagement online. Audiences on social media relate and appeal well to content posted by users they know. This content created by the audience has helped create a lot of brand conversations on Facebook. Research shows that social media audiences consume more than five hours of user-generated content per day. Campaigns with this content have twenty-percent more influence on their purchase decisions in comparison to any other type of promotion. In Facebook’s 2016 updated news feed algorithm, emphasis was placed on content from friends and family, meaning the successful user-generated content was placed right on top. Therefore, marketers on Facebook should encourage their customer to create user-generated content about their brand, rather than the company producing content. If successful, this method could save the company a ton of money. Facebook is an excellent platform for creating conversation amongst an audience, and can help encourage the production of user-generated promoting a company.

High Key Connections

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Connectivity is key. Facebook makes the lives of consumers much more convenient when they connect with them and make content accessible. For instance, purchasing goods is quick and easy for the consumers who use mobile. Many people search the web and shop for things all the time, so being able to purchase something they want in a timely fashion is something Facebook is trying to offer. Facebook allowed the usage of PayPal to make transactions easier. These transactions allow consumers who already have their information plugged into PayPal make a quick and painless purchase.

Facebook has provided the opportunity for brands to successfully advertise and promote their products. A worldwide known brand, Adidas, has achieved in advertising their products by using this platform. By connecting with consumers they put together an easy, accessible campaign that allows its viewers to shop for their products at the click of a button. They showed an action-oriented video including their hoodie they wanted to sell in the video. Below this video, they were able to put four pictures of other products from adidas. By doing this, viewers could click on a picture of the product they liked, and it immediately took them to a page where they could finalize the purchase. Adidas had great success in online purchases for their brand through the use of Facebook advertising.


Another success story from the Adidas brand relates to connections in places that do not have as great of a connection to the internet. Adidas used video like slideshows to show different types of training for people who do not have coaches, and called it “Pocket Coach.” The brand’s goal was to reach out to aspiring athletes who do not necessarily have the connection through Facebook as easily as most people do. Using the slideshow campaign made it easier for the connection to speed up, and resulted in over a million views. Not everyone has the same resources, but Facebook made this campaign possible for brands to reach out to all kinds of consumers across the globe.

Let’s Get Local

happy reactionWhen it comes to advertising in the past, larger, national companies have always had the advantage over smaller, local businesses. This is not the case today. Facebook allows local stores and businesses to thrive, and provides them with numerous marketing tools. The “Business Page,” for example, gives local businesses a shot at putting their foot in the door of social media marketing. 

In short, a Business Page is a profile made specifically for businesses. It that grants them the ability to market their products and brands, reach out to current and prospective customers, send out promotions, and is also a place where many public relations functions happen. The Business Page is a great way for local companies to get started, but how can they really dig deep and find marketing success on Facebook? The answer is Facebook Advertising API. This is a marketing function provided by Facebook that allows companies to manage their audiences and ads, and gain insight on them. Using Walmart as an example, a small business can use the API tool and Facebook Insights to gain awareness of the characteristics of Walmart’s current customers, and reach out to audiences similar to theirs. And with approximately 1.86 billion
active monthly users on Facebook, that could potentially be a lot of consumers. Essentially, Facebook lets local businesses use large corporation’s data against them. 

It is one thing to read about how a small business can be successful on Facebook, but it is another to actually hear a real company’s prosperous marketing story. Cupcakin’ Bake Shop, a cupcake shop located in Berkeley, CScreen Shot 2017-04-12 at 1.26.28 PMalifornia, wanted to reach a high number of local audiences and increase their sales. By using promotions on their Facebook Business Page and Facebook marketing tools called “Lookalike Audiences” and “Core Audiences,” Cupcakin’ Bake Shop was able to increase their foot and website traffic while also saving a lot of money. Lookalike Audiences and Core Audiences allow businesses to connect with markets that are interested in their brand. This store is just one of many stores that have experienced successful marketing campaigns via Facebook. 

Today, local businesses are flocking to social media to advertise and market products. With the use of the abundant devices offered by Facebook for advertising, these small companies can now hold their own in today’s busy, mobile society.