Facebook Sharing is Caring

happy reactionIn today’s digital world, interacting with friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter, is a main part of society. Facebook in particular allows users to easily connect with their long-lost friends, or just close family members. Being connected for most people is a priority, whether it is updating your Facebook status, or messaging a coworker about tomorrow’s meeting. Connectivity also ties in with marketing. When users share branded content on Facebook, they are not only connecting other people with that content, but they are also making a connection between themselves and the brand.

Back in the days when the only method of advertising was buying space in a magazine, or time on the radio, there was not a whole lot of interactivity occurring between the audience and the brand. With the emergence of the Internet and social media, the game of advertising changed. On Facebook, when a user shares an emotional advertisement with his or her friends, the receivers of that ad will feel more compelled to consider whatever product it may be, and take action and purchase it. Social media has allowed the audience to become the advertisers. Users feel more comfortable buying something that was recommended to them through a friend on Facebook.

Take a look at a campaign that Maserati performed on Facebook. Their goal was to engender consumer interest in their new Levante SUV. To achieve this, they created video ads that they posted on Facebook and Instagram. The videos all had a unique selling proposition, such as the driving experience or the exterior features. Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.06.42 PMUsing Facebook advertising tools like Lookalike Audiences and Custom Audiences, Maserati was able to target the right audience for them. As a result of this campaign, Maserati reached more than 4 million on Facebook and Instagram, and produce 21,000 leads. Of those 21,000 leads, 127 Levantes were sold, making Maserati’s campaign a success. What really pushed their campaign to glory was the disseminating of the videos by users on Facebook.

Sharing branded content on Facebook is the best way for companies to become connected with their audience, and for their audience to become connected with each other. Facebook Messenger allows companies to connect with their audience on a much more personal level than sharing. And in this wave of messaging that today’s society is in, it is imperative for brands to take advantage of the opportunities like this one on Facebook. Connectivity on Facebook allows brands to easily and affordably reach their audience, and provide them with the right amount of information for their product. Using Facebook’s many tools for advertising, accomplishing these connections with audiences is easier than ever. Connecting with audiences, and connecting audiences with each other is a golden opportunity for brands to establish a trust with them, and for their business to grow and prosper.


Buzzing About Netflix

wow reactionIn 2016, Advertising Age named Netflix the top marketer of the year. This was achieved, in part, by Netflix’s large use of Facebook as an advertising outlet. Facebook allows for Netflix to market new TV shows and generate buzz about popular shows through a company Facebook Page, user generated content, Facebook video ads, and “trending”. There are a total of about 49.43 Netflix users Netflix users in the United States. Those subscribers are utilizing Facebook to discuss the shows they are watching, therefore helping Netflix advertise.

One of the most important features of Facebook advertising is that users can discuss topics with one another, which results in a “trend” in conversation, like a digital Word of Mouth. Trending helps bring certain pieces of conversation to the table and creates a buzz across social media. One of the strongest players in Netflix’s marketing game is that viewers who also have accounts on Facebook are discussing shows they have watched or that are about to be released. This allows Netflix to be advertised by their viewers and boost the number of subscribers to their service.

Netflix doesn’t leave the marketing all up to their consumers. Netflix maintains a Facebook page where the company posts updates and about new releases. One of the most successful aspects of Netflix’s advertising is their sharing of digital content. The company has been known for creating GIFs, videos, memes, and using popular “internet humor” that their consumers can relate to. Facebook users can create their own content to share on their Facebook page about their favorite shows on the Netflix. These posts can then be shared by other Facebook users, furthering the advertising for Netflix. This advertising technique utilizes Facebook’s video aspects and ways of targeting consumers to appeal to a company’s audience.

Facebook not only allows Netflix to connect with its consumers, but also for consumers to connect with each other. This builds a strong bond over the company and allows for Netflix users to be creative with their love for the brand.

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